The shipment of certain types of hazardous goods within Hungary is possible with GLS.

The carriage of dangerous goods packed in Excepted or Limited Quantities is only performed based on a prior written agreement relating to products that enjoy exemption based on chapters 3.4 and 3.5 of the ADR.

Excluded from hazardous goods shipment are extremely hazardous substances, such as radioactive, explosive, infectious or highly poisonous substances.

  • Nationwide shipment of approved hazardous goods
  • Shipment of hazardous goods easy to arrange
  • Detailed advice and coordination by trained employees

Exemptions related to quantities carried per transport unit that are not approved for shipment with GLS Hungary:


- Class 1. explosive substances and articles

- Class 6.2.

- Class 7. radioactive substances

- Hazardous goods according to the terms of exclusion of chapter 2. of ADR

- Shipments which require cooling

Bookable for:


The basic product for national parcel delivery.


National delivery especially for small and sensitive goods.


Worldwide delivery of parcels and documents.


Delivery before noon the next working day in Hungary.