Pay by card

Available for all cash on delivery parcels

GLS BankCardService

The most convenient way: pay for your cash on parcels delivery by credit or debit card *. All GLS delivery drivers carry a payment terminal offering an additional payment method.

* Please note: Payment by credit card is only possible, if the sender has booked the BankCardService.

Convenient and reliable


No more rummaging for the due cash when the delivery driver rings.


Just swipe your card through the payment terminal, type in your pin or sign – that’s it.


The consignee receives a receipt which states the exact cash on delivery.

For your safety

GLS makes it easy for recipients to receive and pay for cash on delivery. For safety reasons two limitations apply:

  • Cash on delivery parcels will only be handed over to the addressee and not to third parties).
  • The recipient will have to produce a valid ID.

Successful non-cash payment for many years - easy and convenient

GLS was the first parcel service provider within Hungary that offers the payment by credit card. Due to this fact GLS is very experienced in safe and quick cashless payment.