Send small parcels internationally: The delivery of small and sensitive goods is particularly safe with GLS – across Europe. The parcels are sorted separately and transported in special bags.

GLS generally delivers parcels to neighbouring countries in standard delivery times of 24 to 48 hours. Delivery to more distant European countries usually takes between 72 and 120 hours. Thanks to uniform quality standards, the service quality is also high for international small-parcel delivery.

  • Increased transportation security for small and sensitive goods
  • Delivery in defined standard delivery times
  • Liability up to the value of the goods, maximum HUF 50,000 per parcel
  • Continuous real-time shipment tracking in many countries
  • Scanned proof of delivery accessible online
  • Second delivery attempt included; for private customers to a GLS ParcelShop (when available in the country)

Maximum parcel size and weight:

3 kg40 cmThe parcel must fit the small-parcel frame.

Optional Services


GLS collects parcels after 17.00 at the sender’s.


Delivery and collection of returns at the same time.


Parcel handover to a specific person upon check of the ID card number.


GLS delivers parcels within a pre-defined 2-hour time interval.


Parcels are stored for collection by the addressee at a GLS depot.


Collection of parcels and delivery to client.


Collection from and delivery to any address.


Value declaration service on a one-off basis.


Parcel delivery on a specified day.