Fuel surcharge

GLS charges a fuel surcharge because rising crude oil prices have a significant impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs.

The fuel surcharge is levied per parcel and displayed separately on invoice attachment.

Calculation of the fuel surcharge

GLS Hungary calculates the fuel surcharge monthly according to the NAV index. Once the fuel price is published, GLS determines the current surcharge.

To the current diesel price

The diesel price of HUF 270 serves as a starting value for the calculation. So the fuel surcharge is 0 when the diesel price is HUF 270.

GLS Hungary charges an additional HUF 9 per domestic parcel and 1% per export and import parcel per diesel price increase of HUF 10.

MonthFuel (NAV)Fuel (domestic parcel)Fuel (import/export parcel)
2020 SeptemberHUF 386HUF 10812%
2020 AugustHUF 386HUF 10812%
2020 JulyHUF 357HUF 819%
2020 JuneHUF 326HUF 54 6%
2020 MayHUF 342HUF 728%
2020 AprilHUF 397HUF 11713%
2020 MarchHUF 406HUF 12614%
2020 FebruaryHUF 425HUF 14416%
2020 JanuaryHUF 414HUF 13515%