GLS offers increased liability coverage for valuable parcel and express consignments.

With this service, senders book a plus of security when it comes to sending high-value goods: compensation up to the value of the goods sent and also in case of total loss. The amount GLS is liable for then exceeds the standard maximum of € 690, up to the value of the goods, per parcel.

Senders just have to open an ad valorem account, which will be used in case of liability claims.

The valuation declaration for consignments with values below € 5,000 can be faxed to the local depot. For consignments exceeding this amount, a faxed valuation 24 hours prior to shipment and a written agreement are required as well.

  • Increased liability coverage for parcel and express consignments
  • More security for high-value goods
  • Additional protection for consignments
  • Simple handling and easy booking
  • Continuous parcel tracking

Customer information

To book the AddOnLiabilityService, please use the download document (French).

Declaration AddOnLiabilityService

Bookable for:


The basic product for national parcel delivery.


The basic product for Europe-wide parcel delivery.


Delivery before 13.00 the next working day in France.