Reliable parcel delivery

Sending a parcel with GLS means that it arrives quickly and safely.

Reliable parcel shipment within defined standard delivery times is the strong point of GLS. Domestic parcels usually reach their destination in most areas within 24 hours, and all regions at a larger distance within 48 hours. Parcel shipment to the major European markets generally takes between 24 and 96 hours, and to more distant regions between 72 and 120 hours. GLS delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours. If the sender takes out no transport insurance, GLS compensates beyond the statutory liability up to the value of the goods to a maximum of 690 euro per parcel.

Parcel products can be combined with optional services. This means that GLS is also able to meet special delivery requirements when it comes to parcel shipment.

Satisfied recipients. Successful senders.

With the FlexDeliveryService GLS customers and their parcel recipients get special features:

  • Early information of parcel recipients about the delivery by e-mail and SMS
  • Wide range of parcel delivery options for recipients available even before the first delivery attempt – directly accessible via a link in the notification e-mail

Parcel shipment to private households becomes less complicated and customer satisfaction increases. The service complements the features of the BusinessParcel, especially for private households.

National shipment


The basic product for national parcel delivery.

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International shipment


The basic product for Europe-wide parcel delivery.

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