International FlexDeliveryService expanded

News 31/01/2018

GLS France now offers its flexible delivery service to eight other European countries. Online shoppers receive information in advance about parcel delivery and can play a role in deciding where and when they receive their goods ordered abroad.

Launch of the international FlexDeliveryService: flexible parcel delivery and a continuous shipment tracking in many European countries. Shippers sending a parcel to private individuals in Europe benefit from the service optimisation as well as an increase in customer satisfaction. Those who shop beyond borders in the linked countries can choose from various delivery options. Popular choices include parcel delivery on a desired day or to a new address.

International e-commerce made easier

As of now, France, the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands – are linked with each other in all directions.

By expanding the FlexDeliveryService, GLS France is accommodating the growth in cross-border online retail and the increased demand for international services.


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