What we stand for

We act responsibly

GLS takes its responsibility towards its staff, society and the environment seriously and is committed to equality, to education and to minimising environmental impact.

Environmental focus areas are greater energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy and emissions reduction.

Through optimised route planning and the use of digital tools, GLS manages to shorten its delivery routes. Furthermore, the number of low-emission vehicles is steadily increasing. The Group also considers green aspects in new buildings, for example installing heat pumps and rainwater harvesting systems.

18 GLS subsidiaries operate an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.

GLS is committed to a close relationship of mutual respect with all staff and transport partners.

Social institutions are supported on a regular basis, both with donations and with free provision of transport services.

Sustainability at GLS means:

  • use of low-emission vehicles
  • environmentally-friendly new buildings and modernisation
  • reduction in fuel, paper, heating energy and electricity consumption
  • continuing professional development of our staff
  • close, long-term partnerships with our transport partners
  • social responsibility in practice nationally and locally