Parcel redirection

Receiving parcels – with individual options

GLS adapts to recipients. In Germany and the Netherlands, they can choose from several different delivery options if the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful and the parcel is returned to the depot.

The recipient decides and specifies online or via the hotline what should happen next to their parcel. Options include:

  • A second delivery attempt to the originally-specified address – in Germany the recipient can choose on which day.
  • Delivery to a different address
  • Parcel delivery to a GLS ParcelShop of choice
  • Issue a release authorisation. GLS redelivers, but has the permission of the recipient to leave the parcel at a particular location.
  • Refuse acceptance. The parcel is returned to the sender.
  • Parcel collection at the depot. The parcel remains in the depot and is available for collection for 10 days.

With these options, GLS offers true added value to recipients, and simultaneously increases the delivery success rate.