GLS delivers small parcels reliably nationwide. A special solution provides enhanced transportation security.

GLS sorts small parcels for national delivery separately and ransports them in special bags as added protection for sensitive goods.

  • Enhanced transportation security for small and sensitive goods
  • Delivery generally in less than 24 hours
  • Liability up to the value of the goods (up to a defined maximum)
  • Shipment tracking, in many countries in real time
  • Digital recipient signature accessible online
  • Second delivery attempt included; for private customers to a GLS ParcelShop (if available in the country)

Maximum parcel size and weight:

WeightLength Condition
2 kg40 cm The parcel must fit the small-parcel frame.

Optional Services


GLS informs recipients about the delivery and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.


Recipients pay for goods on delivery. GLS transfers the payment to the consignor.


GLS delivers directly to a department, an office or a person.


Delivery and collection of returns at the same time.


GLS simplifies intra-company parcel exchange.


Collection of parcels and delivery to client.


Collection from and delivery to any address.


Direct delivery to a GLS ParcelShop.


Counterbalance CO2 emissions and improve your own ecological balance.