Parcel delivery by GLS

Parcel delivery by GLS

Fast and reliable delivery – that’s what recipients want. And senders want satisfied customers. GLS ensures this throughout Europe with uniform products and standardised processes.

Parcel delivery

Ideally GLS succeeds in delivering a parcel to the recipient’s address on the first delivery attempt. The addressee, a member of the household or a company employee, confirms the receipt with their signature.

Always informed

GLS offers recipients several information and communication possibilities. The internet, e-mail systems and mobile phones linked to the state-of-the-art IT solutions of GLS all play an important role in this.

Depending on the country the possibilities include:

  • Europe-wide shipment tracking (via the GLS website or GLS App)
  • Notification of parcel delivery by e-mail or text message
  • Delivery options to choose from when ordering in an online shop
  • Online redirection of parcels that are already en route
  • Hotlines for recipients

Always a good alternative

If no-one is present at the time of the attempted delivery, the next steps of GLS will depend on what is customary in the country in question. In many countries it is common practice that neighbours accept parcels. GLS drivers then leave a notification card for the recipient. If there are GLS ParcelShops in the country, these can be used as an alternative delivery address.

In some countries it is already possible to preselect a GLS ParcelShop as a delivery address when ordering goods online. You can find out which delivery options are available in a particular country by visiting the website of the GLS national company.