Itella Logistics - new GLS partner in Lithuania and Latvia

GLS Group-Itella Logistics News 15/05/2012

GLS is now working with Itella Logistics for exports and deliveries in all the Baltic states. The two companies have been cooperating in Estonia since 2009.

Itella Logistics has an extensive distribution network in all three states. All parcels for the Baltic countries are initially delivered to the central hub in Kaunas, Lithuania. From Kaunas Itella directly delivers to recipients in Lithuania. Parcels to Latvia are sent from Kaunas to the Itella Logistics Hub in Lielvarzi near Riga. Deliveries to Estonia are made via Tallinn.

By bundling the parcel logistics in the Baltic region, GLS is able to offer customers a consistent high-quality service. The direct link to the central hub in Kaunas has further advantages. Parcels, for example, are not subject to further handling, and greater efficiencies in long distance transport can be achieved. These make the whole process more economical and more secure.

Two for three

Itella Logistics is part of the Itella Group. It employs more than 7,000 logistics professionals in eight countries in Northern Europe and Russia. Itella is committed to the environment, and seven Itella companies are already ISO 14001-certified, including those in the three Baltic states. With Think Green, its group-wide environmental initiative, GLS is also pursuing the goal of resource-friendly and sustainable parcel logistics.

GLS customers can use the new link to the Baltic with Euro Business-Parcel and Euro Business-Small Parcel. Returns and collections with direct delivery are also available via Pick&Return-Service and Pick&Ship-Service. Delivery times to all the Baltic states from Germany, for example, are typically 3 to 4 days, even to more remote areas.