Israel Post is latest GLS partner

News 29/07/2015

The GLS Group now delivers parcels for Israel Postal Company Ltd. (Israel Post) throughout Europe. Bilateral expansion of the collaboration is planned.

The cooperation began in May of this year, initially for Israeli B2B deliveries. With Israel Post and GLS, parcels from Tel Aviv reach numerous European markets within two to five days.

The parcels – arriving by airmail – are taken on by the IATA-licensed GLS Airport Office in Frankfurt. Most deliveries clear customs on the day of arrival, enter the GLS network and are then forwarded to their final destinations.

Interfaces between the partners’ IT systems allow continuous parcel monitoring via the GLS or Israel Post Track & Trace systems.

The next level of cooperation between the two companies includes deliveries of GLS parcels in Israel and the development of a pick-up solution in EU countries for Israeli clients.