ThinkGreen project now in Bolivia

Oxbow lake
News 11/08/2015

The ThinkGreenService enables GLS customers to support various PrimaKlima climate protection projects on CO2 offsetting worldwide.

Reforestation, conservation of the existing virgin forest and at the same time economic improvement for the population – these are the aims of the projects which are supported by the PrimaKlima association using funds from the ThinkGreenService.

In addition to the project in Malaysia, which has been supported since the start of the service, GLS has also been financing holistic forest conservation in Bolivia through PrimaKlima since June 2015.

The local population receives funds from the project and fair sales potential for its agricultural products. It will also find employment in the research and reforestation business. In the long term the forests should also be sustainably farmed, providing the population with direct profit. Therefore the forest stand is also in the population’s own interest.

Since the start of this optional service four years ago, a forest area of 2,896,240 square meters has been conserved and rehabilitation planting has been carried out in this area. In this way 5,903 tonnes of CO2 have been sequestrated.


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