GLS invests in European network

News 23/11/2017

Expanded capacities for the peak season: in the last twelve months the GLS Group has invested more than 100 million euros into the development of its European network.

GLS has built a new international hub in Slovakia (Zvolen). The parcel service provider has also opened seven new depots in the GLS region Europe East – in Romania (Tulcea and Târgu Jiu), Slovenia (Slovenska Bistrica), the Czech Republic (Klatovy and Šumperk) and Hungary (Kazincbarcika and Budapest). Modern new constructions were also put into operation by GLS Germany (Offenburg), GLS Austria (Rankweil) and GLS Poland (Radom).

The major investments also include comprehensive depot expansions, for example in Habay (Belgium), Taastrup near Copenhagen (Denmark), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Bydgoszcz (Poland). In Neuenstein, Germany, the hub of the express subsidiary DER KURIER has been expanded. In Italy, three GLS depots moved to larger buildings (Pesaro, La Spezia, Imperia).

Parcel volume increased by 30 percent

These measures allowed GLS to increase capacity in time for the autumn and Christmas business. In recent years, the number of parcels transported each day has been around 30 per cent above the annual average from October onwards. In some countries, the volume has even doubled shortly before Christmas. To be able to offer customers the high-quality service they are used to, GLS will not connect any new customers to its system during this period.

The GLS European network