EFA on the road with GLS

Parcel company GLS is transporting the European Film Awards statuettes for the fourth time in a row – over several stages.

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GLS-Schenker Rico Back and Ewald Kaiser

GLS and DB Schenker Logistics expand their partnership

The GLS Group and DB Schenker Logistics have signed a strategic partnership agreement on European level.

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New city depots for zero emission delivery

GLS has opened new depots in Budapest and Milan. Good for the climate: parcels are delivered by bicycles and electric vehicles.

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Nursery mescot

ThinkGreen project now in Bolivia

The ThinkGreenService enables GLS customers to support various PrimaKlima climate protection projects on CO2 offsetting worldwide.

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Israel Post

Israel Post is latest GLS partner

The GLS Group now delivers parcels for Israel Postal Company Ltd. (Israel Post) throughout Europe. Bilateral expansion of the collaboration is planned.

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FDS in Luxembourg

FlexDeliveryService available in Luxembourg

Parcel recipients in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can now influence time and place of national and international deliveries according to their personal requirements.

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