Information on the Corona virus - Status April 03, 2020

As a parcel service provider, GLS is an important element within the supply chain. The current situation makes the responsibility that we bear even clearer. Find up-to-date information on this web page.

Shipment of goods remains possible

Cross-border services are available throughout the entire European network as borders for the transportation of goods are open. While all international linehauls are fully operational, there may be some delays.

Shipping restrictions

Please note: As of April 6, 2020 the maximum weight limitation will be reduced to 31.5 kg per parcel throughout the European network due to social distancing policies, as pick-up and delivery of heavier parcels require assistance of a second person.

Please note that there are zip codes in a number of countries which are blocked and therefore no deliveries or pickups can take place in these areas.

Blocked postal code areas

We hope for your understanding and support that parcels to country-specific undeliverable zip code areas and closed businesses should not be shipped. Please contact your customers, particularly in the business sector, prior shipping to make sure businesses are open and deliveries are possible. To support a successful delivery, contact details such as a phone number should be provided. Furthermore, business consignees should highlight in their shop whether it is open or that parcels can be delivered.

Signature process: For the time being, obtaining signatures cannot be guaranteed across Europe. Country-specific regulations are in place. However, the full name of the recipient as well as date and time of delivery will always be provided.

Return process:
Parcels which cannot be delivered due to Coronavirus-related blocked zip codes or closed businesses, may be returned without fulfilling the standard return procedure in terms of pre-notification and minimum storage time.

Measures to protect people’s health: The GLS subsidiaries do their utmost to protect the health of those involved in our business and to continue to ensure parcel logistics. We have implemented appropriate measures, which are based on the national official recommendations of the authorities which will be adapted at any point time if needed. For further information, please visit the website of your local GLS subsidiary.