Customer information

Toll: In some countries, GLS passes on road tolls for trucks and trailers to its customers. The surcharges are determined individually for each customer according to a customer’s shipping patterns and are shown separately on invoices.

Fuel surcharge: The price of crude oil has a significant impact on transport costs. To compensate for the volatility in fuel prices, most national GLS companies levy a fuel surcharge. It is usually calculated using the consumer price index and is also shown separately on invoices. GLS customers can find out what the current surcharge is on their local website.

Italy: As safety measures in Northern Italy have been implemented in connection with the Corona virus, please note that for the time being no deliveries or collections can be made in the following zip code areas due to access prohibitions:

20070, 20071, 20072, 20076, 26814, 26816, 26821, 26822, 26823, 26825, 26827, 26828, 26841, 26842, 26844, 26845, 26847, 26848, 26861, 26862, 26864, 26867, 29010, 29029, 35030, 35031, 35033, 35037, 35037.

Please contact your local GLS depot for further advice.

China: Due to the current situation, please be advised that delays in shipments to China are currently expected. Please note that shipments with the destination Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province cannot be transported at all until further notice. Please contact your local GLS depot for further advice.