One off authorisation

It is easy to issue a one off authorisation to GLS. You can do so in two ways:

- At a piece of paper, which you hang available for our driver. Remember to write the parcel no. on the authorisation.

- Write us on the below formular, when the parcel is in our care.

Temporary authorisation

If you do not wish to sign for your parcels on our scanner, you can issue a temporary authorisation.

The authorisation must be printed (or hand written) and placed visible for our driver.

Permanent authorisation

If you want a permanent authorisation for delivery of parcels, this is also possible.

You need to fill out an application and hang a scanner sign for our driver - this you will receive from GLS. When the sign is in place at your address, you can receive parcels without the need to sign for them.

You find the application form (in Danish) in the formular below.


Signature release authorisation

When you have issued an authorisation for GLS, we consider the parcel to be delivered correctly, when the driver has placed the parcel at the defined location.
This type of delivery is not suitable for apartments.