Secure packaging

Our wish is to deliver your parcel safely to the recipient. It is therefore important to pack the content safely.

Soft content = Soft packaging

It is possible to use soft packaging (a strong plastic bag), when you need to send or return soft content of small size (e.g. a blouse or a pair of pants).

Hard content = Hard packaging

When you send hard content, always use a cardboard box.

GLS recommends using a strong packaging made of quality cardboard. Avoid usage of a cardboard box that has been softened after multiple use or that has been exposed to moisture. It will not withstand stacking with other parcels.

If you need to send electronics or other fragile items, we recommend using the original packaging with the molded inner material to secure the content inside the box during transport.

Are you no longer in possession of the original packaging, it is important that the content is secured inside the box.

Inner packaging

Especially when sending hard content the inner packaging is important. It avoids displacement, pressure or shock to the content and ensures that the items do not damage each other during transport.

Choose an inner packaging that fits the nature of the item. As a rule bubble wrap (preferably with large bubbles) or shrinkable paper (e.g. PadPak, WrapPak, FillPak) are the best choices, as they do not displace during transport. If you only have newspaper fillings, make sure to wrinkle them thoroughly and fill in all the empty spaces around the item (remember the bottom and the sides).

Flamingo chips move during transport and give no adequate protection for this way of transport.

Your inner packaging must also ensure that damage to your content will not damage other parcels. If you are sending liquids or colored powder, please ensure to pack the items in a plastic bag before placing them in the cardboard box.

Make the test

When you have packed your parcel with hard content, please test the packaging.

If the content moves in the box when you shake it, then it is not adequately packed and you either have to find another box or add more inner packaging to the existing box.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have questions regarding packaging. For more information please see our General Terms.