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Easy to buy a GLS label

GLS' online portal for buying labels guides you safely through the process of making a label.

You will be informed of your price and you have the opportunity to send parcels to business recipients and to private recipients - both to the private address and for delivery via our more than 1,650 ParcelShops.

When you have purchased the label, you will receive a QR code by mail and hand in the parcel in a GLS ParcelShop nearby.
We will print the label for you in the ParcelShop.

Ordering label online

Prices for private senders

As a private person, you can send parcels with GLS. Find your price and see how to meassure the parcel. Here you will also find the delivery times and the terms of shipment.

Packing your parcel properly

Pack your parcel properly

The guideline is very short: Soft content - soft packaging. Hard content - hard packaging.

Guide for online purchase of label

If you have questions about the use of our online portal for purchasing labels, see this little guide.

You are also welcome to contact us for further assistance.

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Which type of shipment should I choose?

GLS' online portal provides access to more services than before and you now have to choose between more types of shipping than you maight have been use to.

In this overview we give you a brief explanation of what each option offers in terms of benefits.