ParcelShop prices

Prices depend on the parcel size. It is calculated by adding together the longest and shortest side. There are five price categories in total. A parcel may weigh up to 20 kg.

Prices Denmark and Europe

DenmarkDKK 60,-DKK 70,-DKK 90,-DKK 110,-DKK 160,-
Belgium, Germany,
DKK 140,-DKK 180,-DKK 230,-DKK 300,-DKK 350,-
Austria, Czech Republic,
Poland, Sweden
DKK 160,-DKK 210,-DKK 260,-DKK 330,-DKK 400,-
England, Finland, France, Italy, Northern Ireland,
Scotland, Slovakia, Wales
DKK 210,-DKK 320,-DKK 380,-DKK 450,-DKK 490,-
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia,
Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain
DKK 260,-DKK 340,-DKK 460,-DKK 580,-DKK 720,-

All prices are in DKK incl. VAT. Valid from 1 February 2015. For more information on parcel dispatch via GLS ParcelShops, please see the General Terms for GLS ParcelShops.

Parcel sizeLongest + shortest side
XSMax. 35 cm
SMax. 50 cm
MMax. 65 cm
LMax. 80 cm
XLGirth + length max. 300 cm
Length max. 200 cm

Information on shipping destinations

GLS sends parcels via ParcelShop to countries and destinations within the EU (see above price list) and with the exception of: Greenland (DK), Faroe Islands (DK), Channel Islands (GB), Gibraltar (GB), Madeira (PT), Azores (PT), Vatican (IT) and in Spain: Fuertaventura, Gomera, Grand Canary, Hierro, Ibiza, Lanzarote, La Palma, Majorca, Menorca, Tenerife.

Please note: Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU and therefore can not be served via GLS ParcelShops.