Operational status

GLS reports on this page, if there are delays or other dfficulties in delivering parcels.

Temporary power of attorney

Temporary power of attorney

If you do not wish to sign for your parcels on our scanner, you now have the option to issue a temporary power of attorney (danish text). The power of attorney must be printed and placed visible for our driver.

If you do not have the option to print, you can type the text by hand.

Signature on the parcel

Signature on the parcel

You also have the option to sign directly on the parcel. It will take place in the following way:

- The GLS driver places the parcel and steps back 1 meter.

- The recipient will sign on the label of the parcel - with their own pen.

- The recipient steps 1 meter away from the parcel.

- The GLS driver will go back to the parcel and take a photo of the signature on the label.

dispensing of signature in GLS ParcelShops

Dispensing of signature in GLS ParcelShops

During this shutdown period for Denmark, GLS will not demand to sign on the scanner in our ParcelShop.

We ask for the full name of the recipient as proof of delivery. This is a temporary solution until we experience a normal situation in Denmark again.

GLS hopes that all recipients in - and outside - our ParcelShops will comply with the authorities' appeal and keep a distance of 1 meter in a possible queue for collection of parcels.