GLS prepares for New Year's parcels

News 15/12/2017

With the new year approaching, GLS sends out a kind reminder to all of Denmark to take good care of each other when buying, handling and admiring fire crackers and rockets. And at the same time we would like to inform, that it is not allowed to send fireworks with GLS.

"Even if fireworks look great, we must kindly stress that they are not allowed in our systems. There is a major risk connected to fireworks and sending it with GLS would put others at risk during sorting, handling and delivery", says Karsten Klitmøller, General Manager GLS Denmark.

And he continues: "Still, we see parcels with fireworks every year. We have even once had to call the bomb squad to take care of a parcel with fireworks. We therefore urge everybody to be considerate and take good care of each other, so that everybody will have a good start to the new year - also our employees."

Cooperation with the authorities

When GLS discovers a parcel with fireworks, the authorities are contacted immediately which then take over. If the fireworks are illegal, it will have serious consequences for the sender and the recipient.

"Under normal circumstances GLS will never check parcel contents. But in this particular case, GLS will contact the Danish Customs and Tax Administration if there is any suspicion," says Karsten Klitmøller. GLS has a close cooperation with both authorities.

Every year fireworks are the cause of serious personal injuries. A total of 98 injuries caused by fireworks were registered in connection with the New Year of 2016/17, which was an increase of 30 % compared to the previous year. A total of 1406 calls to the emergency number 112 were registered.