What is it like being a Shipping Trainee at GLS?

Our Shipping Trainee Adrian tells:

"I love to solve problems and help others. I can do both to the best of my abilities in my job as a Global Solution Trainee. At Global Solution, we are a relatively small team compared to other GLS departments. This means that you get involved in various tasks right from the very beginning and quickly take on responsibility.

There is always full support from colleagues and one-on-one personalized instruction customized to your needs and strengths. This is why you thrive from the start.

My “first moment” as a freight forwarder trainee was quite a special experience: I was surprised with a very nice flower bouquet that made me actually go into a panic mode because I thought it came from one of my peripheral friends, who is perhaps a bit too much into me. It turned out that the bouquet was a welcome gift from GLS, a gesture that I greatly appreciated.

I am happy to work at GLS and one of the best things, besides of course all my good colleagues, is that not two days are the same.

I look forward to each new day."

What is it like being a Business Trainee at GLS?

Our Business Trainee Alexander tells:

"I knew GLS by repute and had heard from some of my friends, that it "probably is the best workplace in Denmark". The starting point couldn't be any better, when I chose to apply for the job as a Business Trainee. And, I'm big time glad I was offered the job.

My first time as a trainee has been fantastic. I couldn't have wished for a better start. I have simply been carried through both education and training. And one of the things that has been really cool, is the way you are allowed to learn: to experience and understand the GLS-business for oneself. Driving with a driver, visiting ParcelShops with a ParcelShop Consultant, visiting all the departments and seeing the depots. And everywhere, in every situation, I have been super welcomed, supported and treated as a valid member of the GLS family. The GLS family may sound trite, but that's the way it is! We help and support each other no matter what.

It's also great to work in a company that everyone knows and which has such a good reputation. I am currently working in the Customer Service department. Being able to help the people who call us and give them the good service they expect, is an exciting challenge. And then, of course, there are all my super-colleagues. No matter how busy we are, there is always room for fun and "trouble". So I like to join the chorus: probably Denmark's best workplace."

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