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General Logistics Systems Denmark A/S and General Logistics Systems Express A/S are the Danish subsidiaries of General Logistics Systems BV, Amsterdam.

On this website GLS information is available. Information on this website can not substitute for specific advice about our products and services. Submission of information does not create any contractual relationship with GLS.

The information on this website is as accurately as possible, but GLS disclaims any liability resulting from erroneous or incomplete information.

Privacy policy

This Privacy policy is applicable to GLS Denmark and GLS Express' website and all other websites related GLS Denmark and GLS Express, unless otherwise stated. If you do not approve and accept this Privacy policy, please do not use the site. By using this site you agree to the contents of this Privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding how we process your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer either via email or letter by using the following information:

Kokholm 3B
6000 Kolding

If you want to read more about how the GLS Group process personal data, please see:

Personal data

Personal data includes personal or factual data for a particular individual. This is for example details such as name, address and telephone. Information that can not be linked to a specific individual – e.g. favorite web pages or the number of users on one side - is not considered personal data and is therefore not a part of this Privacy policy.

GLS provides parcel distribution and express services to businesses and individuals and is therefore subject to the rules of the Postal Act and the GDPR, as well as similar laws regulations, in terms of postal privacy and protection of personal data.

Using technical and organizational measures, GLS makes its best efforts to protect personal data against loss or misuse.

Using data

Consignee data transferred to GLS and scanning of parcels and proof of delivery (POD) are processed and archived by GLS.

GLS only uses consignee data to fulfill its contractual obligations. Any further use is not permitted unless a separate agreement is reached on the matter.

It is only consignor and consignee of a parcel that has the right to receive information about the parcel. We only give the parcel information to third parties (e.g. SKAT or other authorities) if required by law.

Archiving data

Proof of delivery, shipping and consignee data are archived and recorded as required by law. Archived data is only accessed by authorized personnel.

Every time you access the GLS website, it will be registered.

The stored data are analyzed anonymously for statistical purposes. Statistical reports used to evaluate the use of GLS' website. Especially the order in which pages are visited and the path between the pages is shown. This aims to give GLS a clue about how the usability of the site can be further improved.


The information you have submitted when signing up for our newsletter and other sales-related information is only used for this purpose. We will not disclose such information to third parties and you can unsubscribe the service again at all time.

Use of Cookies

In order to use the GLS website it may be necessary for the GLS 'servers to use cookies. These cookies are used for the technical administration of the website.

You can set your browser to reject cookies. In this case, no data will be stored on your computer. If cookies are disabled, you may experience limitations in the functionality of the website.

This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze your use of the website, compiling reports on website activities and to perform additional services associated with website and internet use. This so we can improve the page's content and structure, and thus ensure a better experience and service.

The following data is temporarily saved

- Date and time of request
- IP address or DNS name of the requesting computer
- Searched page (URL)
- HTTP response code
- Client operating system and version
- Browser and version

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your computer after visiting our website. Cookies are used to store information and give a better service to the visitors on our website. User information may only be entered once and load time for the website is faster.

If you can not accept the storage of cookies, you can set most browsers to refuse cookies. You usually find the functionality under Preferences or Internet options in the browser's menu. Be aware that some features may not work/work correctly if cookies are disabled in your browser.

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GLS website is divided into an open and a closed area.

The closed area is available only with an individual username and password. Here is example extended Track & Trace and our web-based printing program.

The open area includes contact form, limited access to the Track & Trace and search for the nearest ParcelShop. Personal data entered in contact forms such as name, street name, postcode, place, etc. is needed to process your request and will not be disclosed to third parties. The data stored in at least 3 months, then deleted.


Features and limitations of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to GLS' ParcelShop App, operated by PakkeShop employees.

This is how GLS uses information and functions via your device:

  • Network mode: Controls when the app goes offline. It is not possible to access the app without an internet connection.
  • Connection to the network: Send events and receive parcel data.
  • Camera: On BYOD, the camera is used as a scanner and the flashlight is used to illuminate barcodes if there is not enough light.
  • Permission to use location: GLS requires that you have location services switched on to check that parcels are not delivered outside a ParcelShops geofencing area.
  • Battery info: The app shows the battery status on the information page.
  • Receive Boot Complete: Allows re-creation of the ParcelShop geofencing, which has previously been monitored.

Updated 13-11-2020