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Save the children

Save The Children works to ensure the rights of all children and provides long-term assistance to vulnerable children in Denmark and the rest of the world. Each year, GLS supports Save the Children and their great efforts.

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Child to child

Child to Child is a new initiative where children help other children. Still functional toys from one child's room will become an advent calendar for children in another child's room. It brings joy to children where money is scarce in the Christmas time. GLS supports this initiative and hopes to see it grow bigger next year.

GLS sponsors Teddies for children

Teddies for children

Teddy bear Moms around the country produce homemade teddy bears to pass them on to children in need of a new best (confident) friend. When children visit et Julemærkehjem in Denmark, they often need security - the teddy bear Moms try to give them just that. In a private initiative, the teddy bears are picked up and sent to the respective Julemærkehjem - in collaboration with GLS.