GLS must act responsibly and advocate for employees, the environemt and the society - in a business oriented sustainable way.

GLS academy
GLS Academy

GLS Academy ensures that the employees of GLS are continuously developed and have the right skills to drive GLS forward. We offer both relevant shorter courses, longer specifically adapted education and tailored activities to the wishes and needs of GLS.

The target group is both hourly and salaried employees and the extra benefit is a nice occation to meet colleges across departments and locations from 9 addresses in Denmark.

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As one of Europe´s leading parcel distribution services, the GLS Group is fully aware of the special responsibility it has in regards to the environment and society.

GLS regards sustainability as a total concept that embraces environmental, social and economic aspects of social responsibility.

This means providing excellence in parcel logistics and job security for employees. With its service, GLS also contributes to mobility and the reliable supply of goods, which is the backbone of an economy.

The Group´s objective is to achieve sustainable economic success in accordance with the protection of the environment for future generations. GLS is also committed to the communities in which we operate.

In its Sustainability Report, GLS provides information on developments in the financial years 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 – including key performance indicators forthe environmental balance sheet and examples of initiatives all over Europe.

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GLS avoid compliance risks.

GLS has implemented a programme which can systematically and in structured way identify and avoid compliance risks. This has been developed to protect the GLS Group and GLS employees throughout the Group.

It is also intended as a form of protection for our business partners and as a means of instilling confidence both now and in the future.

Is focussing on the following areas.
- Competition legislation
- Fighting corruption
- Compliance with financial sanctions
- The prevention of money laundering
- Fighting forced labour, slavery and human trafficking

One of the cornerstones of the compliance programme is intensive training for all employees - as we believe that this is where compliance begins.

The Compliance Managers in the individual countries, The GLS Group Central Compliance Department, and internal auditing all play a crucial role in the programme.The compliance concept is structured identically in all GLS companies, adapted to national norms where necessary.

Whistle Blower

The GLS Group has implemented a whistleblowing/ombudsman system to enable employees, business partners and third parties to report in confidence any concerns that they have about criminal acts and similar serious offences.

On such matters all employees, business partners and third parties may contact Attorney Dr Rainer Buchert (Bleidenstrasse 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany). He can be contacted by phone +49 69 710 33 330 or +49 6105 92 1355, mail address or this formular: Contact form for informants.

Dr Buchert will not consider complaints concerning matters which are not of a criminal or similar serious nature. When in doubt, he will advise on how to proceed.

All complaints will be treated in confidence. Dr Buchert is required by his statutory lawyers’ confidentiality obligations not to disclose the identity of callers without their explicit consent to do otherwise. He also has the right to refuse to give evidence (including the identity of whistleblowers) if requested by a court of law. Complaints to the ombudsman will only be passed on to the GLS Group once the consent of the complainant has been received.

Of course, concerns in respect of the above matters can also be reported to an employee's line manager or other contact person within the GLS Group.