Prices for GLS ParcelShop

Prices for parcels sent from GLS ParcelShops depend on the size and destination.

Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany140,-180,-230,-300,-350,-
Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria160,-210,-260,-330,-400,-
England, Finland, France, Italy, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Slovakia, Wales210,-320,-380,-450,-490,-
Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Rumania, Slovenia, Spain, Hungery260,-340,-460,-580,-720,-

This price list replaces previous lists for GLS ParcelShop.
All prices are in Danish kroners and incl. VAT.

Measure the parcel

How to measure the parcel

Measure the longest and the shortest side, add them and find the price.

Max. 35 cm = XS
Max. 50 cm = S
Max. 65 cm = M
Max. 80 cm = L

The XL-parcel can max. measure 300 cm in length + girth.

Parcels that exceed max. measurement and weight cannot be sent with GLS.

Delivery times

See our delivery times for Denmark and for the countries within EU.

ParcelShop Terms

Read GLS' ParcelShop Terms before sending your parcel.