Volunteers’ day: help that’s really felt

GLS staff in action: here are some examples of the Corporate Volunteering Programme projects.

20171207_PM GLS Germany_Weihnachtsbäume für Seniorenheime

Decorating Christmas trees at nursing homes

As part of a volunteers‘ day, GLS apprentices visited the residents of nursing homes of the Korian Group in six German cities. Together, they decorated Christmas trees. The trees, along with the stands, were provided by TimTanne®. GLS donated the fairy lights and tree decorations. The apprentices and senior citizens spent a wonderful Advent day together, bringing a little variety and fun into the daily lives of everyone involved.


Hutch building for a primary school

Plenty of room for furry teaching partners: for their volunteer day this year GLS staff from Neuenstein have built a year-round enclosure for rabbits at Schenklengsfeld primary school. By looking after the dwarf rabbits the school children learn to take responsibility for the animals in their care. Two bunnies will be moving into the hutch to start with, but there's room for more.

20151120 PM Freiwilligentag FCG Bad Hersfeld-Foto

“High tea” at a Dutch care home

Employees at GLS Group headquarters in Oude Meer also took part in a volunteers’ day. They served coffee, tea and snacks at a care home for senior citizens and people with dementia in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam). In the Netherlands, this take on British teatime is very popular as a light afternoon meal.

As well as serving tea, which gave the nine GLS employees a chance to chat to the residents, they also rolled up their sleeves: they gave the garden furniture on the home’s terrace a good clean to remove the winter grime and planted spring bloomers in the flowerpots.

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