Targeted support for social projects

GLS believes in social responsibility and is involved in selected projects and facilities in various ways. In addition to national campaigns, it supports regional initiatives directly from individual depots.

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Youth welfare at the international "ParcelDay"

On "ParcelDay" in May 2018, GLS employees supported youth facilities in three cities – with donations, labor and materials. In the youth centre Wiebelskirchen, they set up a disco corner together with the supervisors, built furniture using pallets and set up a lighting system. The pupil research center in Wangen was delighted about material for robotic construction and automation and about assistance with the installation. At the youth farm in Ludwigsburg, fences and enclosures were given a new coat of paint. The GLS helpers provided green feed for the animals. For the first time other countries also celebrated the "ParcelDay". In the US, the GLS company put together care parcels for homeless children.

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Benefit concert for children with cancer

German schlager music and generous donations: a benefit concert takes place in Erding each year to raise money for children with cancer. The employees at the local GLS depot fully support the event: they also donated this year. The proceeds went to the Förderverein für Tumor- und Leukämiekranke Kinder Mainz (Mainz support association for children with tumours and leukaemia) and the Chistophorus Hospizverein Erding, a hospice association. Last year, a total of 9,300 euros was raised.


Advent calendars for children

Christmas is a time for giving – and children are particularly happy to receive a little surprise at this time of year. Therefore, GLS has donated 750 Advent calendars to organisations and institutions in Frankfurt, Göttingen, Bad-Hersfeld, Kassel and Homberg that look after the welfare of sick and needy children.

The calendars were handed over at the end of November by the contact representatives at the various organisations, such as nursing care managers and senior doctors. GLS wishes everyone involved a very happy Christmas.

GLS Spende an THW

New swap body for the THW in Straubing

Germany’s Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) serves to protect civilians in emergency situations and accidents, both in Germany and around the world. GLS is showing its gratitude for the tremendous work the agency does by helping it to purchase a new swap body. It will be used to make the THW’s equipment such as sandbags, its mission scaffolding system (EGS) used to build auxiliary structures, and its tools readily available when needed, thereby enabling the THW to set off significantly more quickly when called out to an emergency. The cheque for 500 euros was presented to Martin Lauer, head of the association Helfer und Förderer des THW Straubing e.V. (Helpers and Sponsors of the THW in Straubing), by Reinhard Probst, manager of the Straubing distribution centre, on the GLS grounds in Straubing on 7 September.

Local THW section Straubing (in German)

Nordkaplauf 2016

Support for charity runners

2,700 kilometres through five countries: that is the route of the North Cape charity run. It is the fifth charity running event organised by TSV Eintracht Wolfshagen and the longest yet. On 24 June, ten committed athletes will begin the relay run from Timmendorfer Strand on the German Baltic coast through Denmark, Sweden and Finland to North Cape in Norway. Partners, donators and patrons are supporting the run financially – including GLS: the parcel service provider donated 2,000 euros to the run’s coffers. All surplus funds will go to the operators of the ‘Elternhaus’ home for parents at the Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG) medical centre. At the UMG parents and relatives of dependent children, who are being treated as inpatients , are accommodated and looked after.

North Cape charity run

Elternhaus Göttingen

GLS-Aktion Spenderherz

‘Donor heart campaign’: run a marathon for a good cause

GLS has financed 50 starting places each in the Cologne Marathon and the Frankfurt Marathon to help support a family with two critically ill children. All the proceeds will go to the family of David, who is waiting for a donor heart, and his sister Zoë, who has leukaemia.

The ‘Donor heart campaign’ was started by triathlete Elmar Sprink together with Sprink was the first person with a transplanted heart to complete the Ironman championship in Hawaii. The athletics portal bought the starting places financed by GLS from the organiser at reduced rates; they can be purchased via the platform . The Cologne Marathon has already taken place – the Frankfurt version is at the end of October.

Help for young patients

Donate comfort and help children – the association Kleine Patienten in Not e.V. is committed to helping young accident victims. The most important member is Benny the comforting bear. The teddy bear is given to injured and traumatised children by emergency services, hospital staff and similar institutions. The gift helps to alleviate shock, fear and pain in emergency situations. The bears are financed by donations. To support the project, the employees of Depot 70 in Vaihingen an der Enz donated 30 comforting bears to children in need.

Kleine Patienten in Not e. V.

GLS Bio-Brotbox

Organic lunch boxes for first-graders

Healthy breakfast for first-graders throughout Germany on their first day of school: GLS supported the campaign in Hamburg and Frankfurt and delivered boxed breakfasts to around 23,000 children. From 8 to 10 o’clock in the morning, GLS supplied 240 schools in Hamburg and 89 in Frankfurt. The aim of the initiative is to show children and parents the value of a healthy diet and the origin of foods. GLS Hamburg employees and many other volunteers had filled the organic lunch boxes and packed them in parcels in advance.

Video about the organic lunch box initiative

More information about the organic lunch box

Social projects DKMS

Donate to the DKMS and save lives

A stem cell donation is often the last chance of survival for someone suffering from blood cancer. GLS supported a charity football tournament in aid of the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre (DKMS) by donating prices for the tombola. A total of around 4,000 euros was raised. Further success: about 70 potential cell donors added their data to the centre’s database at the event.

The organisers, FC Deetz and AOK, provided the visitors with high-quality women’s football: German Bundesliga side Turbine Potsdam won the tournament with a 3-0 victory against USV Jena and a 2-0 triumph over Sparta Prague.

Donation to children’s charity

Donation to children’s charity instead of Christmas

GLS Area West repeated its decision from last year not to give its customers gifts for Christmas 2014. Instead, they donated €5,000 to Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz e.V. (The Mainz Children with Cancer Society). The society was founded in 2009 by paediatricians, other doctors at the University Hospital of Mainz and scientists at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Its aims include promoting important research projects and financing additional technical and staffing resources for the children’s cancer ward at the University Hospital of Mainz. The GLS donation will be used on the ‘Sport for Children with Cancer’ project.

Kinderkrebshilfe Mainz

Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V.

GLS delivers for St Nicholas

The Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. (German Association of Children’s Hospices) organises a little surprise for very sick children each year on St Nicholas’ Day (6 December). The association collects donations of quality toys and toiletries and distributes them around hospice centres across Germany. These are then given to the young patients, putting a little normality back into the lives of children suffering life-threatening diseases and their families. GLS has been delivering the St Nicholas presents since 2012 – free of charge.

Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V.

Donation IDOL e.V.

Gifts for children in Eastern Europe

GLS has been helping the Friends of Rethen Primary School in Hannover-Laatzen, who collected toys and stationery for the Stiftung Kinderzukunft (Futures for Children Foundation). The local GLS depot made its own contribution of items and organised the transport of the 200 parcels to the collection point in Magdeburg free of charge. From there, the donations continued their journey to children in need in Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Ukraine.


Social projects

GLS helps children with leukemia – you can help too!

On November 9, 2014 a typifying event, "Carlos und Du" (“Carlos and you”), took place at the Filmpark Babelsberg. Teams from the GLS Depot in Potsdam and one of its transport partners helped promote the search for a bone marrow donor for two-year-old Carlos and other children afflicted with blood cancer. Among the children is the son of the transport partner whom Carlos had met while in the hospital.

Leukemia can be healed in many cases through stem cell transplants. These are usually taken from the blood or bone marrow of healthy people. The purpose of the typification event by DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei, “German Bone Marrow Donor data”) was to find genetically suitable stem cell donors for the cancer patients. You can help too by registering with the DKMS!


Carlos und Du

Social projects

GLS supports breast cancer aid

GLS is engaged in the Verein Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. (Association for Breast Cancer Germany). The organization provides information for women of all ages and creates awareness about the disease. It has a broad array of informative materials which it sends to various facilities all across Germany. GLS Germany supports Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. by transporting the flyers and brochures at cost. The Geretsried Depot is responsible for picking up the information material.

Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V.

GLS Bio-Brotbox

Organic carrots for breakfast

A project supported by GLS in Frankfurt and Hamburg ensured that first-graders got a healthy start to their day. GLS drivers delivered the Bio-Brotboxes (organic bread-boxes) to a total of 340 schools in the two cities – right in time for the start of the school day. This was already the ninth time for GLS to be involved as a delivery partner in Frankfurt, while it was the first time in Hamburg. GLS staff also helped to prepare the boxes and distribute them in the Hanseatic city’s largest primary school.


Social projects

Parcel shipping for agricultural school in Bolivia

Architectural students in the concentration area "Design and Building Construction" at the Technical University of Berlin are currently constructing an agricultural school in Bella Vista, Bolivia, which they designed themselves. They collected donations, including construction materials and equipment, for the project in Germany. All of the donations which could be packaged were shipped from Berlin to Madrid by GLS for free in July 2014. From there, they were transported per air freight to South America.

BellaVista-Projekt from the TU Berlin