Using parcel labels

Be it in a ParcelShop or online

Four convenient solutions for shipping preparation:

  • Hand in parcels directly in the ParcelShop – you will get the appropriate parcel label on site.
  • Prepare the shipment online with GLS-ONE – the parcel label is printed or saved as a QR code.
  • Create and safe a GLS mobile parcel label via QR code on your smartphone with the GLS App.
  • Return parcel label are enclosed with many parcels and can also be printed online and simply attached. Recipients will receive a link from the sender for this purpose.

GLS is issuing a warning against the purchase of parcel labels via other sales channels. The counterfeit-proof purchase of parcel labels for shipping with GLS is only guaranteed via the platform GLS-ONE, the GLS App, or by buying them at a ParcelShop.

More safety information

Sending parcels from a GLS ParcelShop

Cash-sale parcel label: The parcel label is completed in the GLS ParcelShop. It serves as an address label and receipt for the sender and ParcelShop. The parcel label must be completed in clearly legible block letters or be machine-printed. All fields should be filled in and the receipt must be signed.

“ParcelShop” mini parcel label: The mini-parcel label is used in addition to the cash-sale parcel label. The printed bar code and the parcel number ensure that a parcel is uniquely identifiable, including for service-request purposes. The detachable sections of the mini-parcel label are attached to the sender’s receipt and the ParcelShop partner’s copy.

Size-category sticker: This label is used to indicate a parcel’s size measured before (XS to XL).

Organising parcel shipment with GLS-ONE

GLS-ONE parcel label: The dispatch label is created and printed with GLS-ONE. It includes the parcel number and size category. If a parcel is handed over in a ParcelShop, the ParcelShop ID number is added to the label and the delivery confirmation is signed.

Alternatively, you can print your parcel label in a GLS ParcelShop. Your mobile parcel label on your smartphone will be sufficient.


Shipping preparation via smartphone

GLS mobile parcel label: The parcel label is created on your smartphone and saved as a QR code. In the GLS ParcelShop, the code is scanned and the label printed and adhered to the parcel. A registration is not necessary. You can pay easily via the GLS App using PayPal or by credit card. Alternatively, the sender can print the parcel label.

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Returning goods

Return parcel label: This label is included with goods if a company regularly sends parcels with GLS and books the free-of-charge returns service (ShopReturnService). The return parcel label can also be printed via the GLS App. When returning goods, it is simply attached to the parcel or can be brought to the ParcelShop as a QR code. The ParcelShop adds the ParcelShop ID and signs the corresponding consignor’s confirmation.

Warning regarding counterfeit blank parcel labels

Blank parcel labels (formerly Easy-Start) are currently being offered on Internet sales platforms for shipping with GLS. These are not original parcel labels and their sale is not authorised by GLS.

GLS is issuing a warning against the purchase of such faked parcel labels. The counterfeit-proof purchase of original parcel labels for shipping with GLS is only possible via the platform GLS-ONE, the GLS App or at a GLS ParcelShop.