Sending parcels to Spain

Simple and great value: hand in your parcel for Spain at your nearest GLS ParcelShop. Alternatively, you can conveniently prepare it online via GLS-ONE – with prices starting at just €12.89 per parcel. The standard delivery time for parcels from Germany to the Spanish mainland is three days. You benefit from the strong European GLS network and the GLS subsidiary in Spain.

A GLS van during parcel delivery in front of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.

Prices for parcels to Spain

Shipping costs for parcels sent via GLS-ONE and GLS ParcelShops

SizeDimensions**Online pricesParcelShop prices
XSMax. 35 cm€12.89 €13.99
SMax. 50 cm€13.49 €14.49
MMax. 70 cm€18.79 €18.79
LMax. 90 cm€22.99 €22.99
XLMax. 3 m girth*€29.99 €29.99

Maximum weight: 40 kg

* Circumference of the parcel plus the longest side: max. 3 m (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)

** Longest + shortest side max.

Sending Parcels to Spain – the benefits of choosing GLS:

  • Short standard delivery times
  • Prepare parcels online using GLS-ONE
  • Parcels collection for contract customers
  • Various delivery options available to recipients in Spain
  • Additional optional services that come in handy for contract customers
  • Reliable delivery

Sending to Spain: points to observe when preparing parcels

In apartment blocks, there are often no names on the door. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to state the floor and apartment number.

Houses in rural areas often don’t have numbers. This is indicated by the abbreviation “s/n” (“sin número”/“no number”).

A GLS van delivering parcels in Spain.

Regular shipment to Spain

GLS contract customers benefit from an array of optional services when shipping to Spain, including the FlexDeliveryService. With this service, GLS sends an e-mail to recipients to inform them of the estimated delivery window of their parcel. Recipients are also able to decide when and where they take possession of their parcel – even before the first delivery attempt. FlexDeliveryService therefore enables seamless delivery at the first attempt.

Contract customers should speak to their GLS customer adviser for more information.

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