Send parcels to France

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Good neighbours, not far away – Germany and France are closely connected. Thanks to a separate GLS subsidiary, you can benefit from quick delivery periods and comprehensive services when sending parcels to France.

Sending parcels to France – your benefits with GLS:

  • Short standard transit times
  • Online dispatch preparation
  • Parcels collection for contract customers
  • Practical extras for contract customers
  • Reliable shipment

Be aware of the specifics – addresses for parcels to France

  • Blocks of flats often do not have buzzers with names. A door code is required to deliver parcels. This should be noted on the parcel.
  • House numbers come before the street names.
  • Monaco is part of the French postcode system. Nevertheless, Monaco has to be listed as the destination country on the parcel.

Prices for parcels to France

SizeDimensions**Online pricesParcelShop prices
XSMax. 35 cm€9.69€9.99
SMax. 50 cm€11.99€12.49
mMax. 70 cm€15.79€15.79
LMax. 90 cm€18.99€18.99
XLMax. 3 m girth*€24.99€24.99

* Circumference of the parcel plus the longest side: max. 3 m (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum breadth: 80 cm)

** Longest + shortest side max.