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When sending goods with GLS, you can combine standardised products and services as you wish. This means that parcel delivery can be adapted to your specific needs and naturally also to those of your customers. Find out which combination is best for you.

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Parcel dispatch easily organised online

With YourGLS, you can manage the entire parcel shipment over the internet. GLS' password-protected web portal is suited for companies who dispatch up to approx. 30 parcels a day. For instance, use the extended parcel tracking function or manage all your recipient data with just a few clicks. GLS will be happy to set up a personal account for you.

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Combined length and girth

The combined length and girth is calculated as follows: Combined length and girth = 2x height + 2x width + 1x longest side (When shipping with GLS the maximum combined length and girth is 3 m. In addition a maximum of 60 cm in height, 80 cm in width and 200 cm in length may not be exceeded.)


Volume (length x width x height) in m³

Dimensional weight

The dimensional weight is used to calculate the actual shipping space needed for shipments (for example for a light, but bulky shipments).

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Regular delivery time

Information on transit times and maximum dimensions

The transit times for international destinations are depending on possible customs delays, the delivery areas

and postal codes (longer transit times are possible for remote areas and regions that are difficult to access).

Please note that maximum measures and weight may vary depending on the selected product.

Please contact your local GLS depot for further information.