GLS parcel international

Parcel delivery across borders: As one of Europe’s leading parcel service providers, GLS offers first-class international delivery solutions. Sending a parcel internationally with GLS means high service quality, reliable transportation and short delivery times – within Europe and worldwide.

Regular senders can choose from several different GLS products to send their parcels internationally. Urgent shipments reach their destination securely and quickly as an Express-Parcel. Parcel and express delivery can be combined with a range of additional services. This way, senders can easily send parcels internationally and choose the extras according to their needs.

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Occasional senders, such as individuals or companies with small parcel volumes, can send parcels internationally via GLS ParcelShops to 25 different European countries. In Germany, over 5,000 GLS ParcelShops are available as parcel acceptance and collection points.

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GLS-Van bei der Paketzustellung in Paris.

European parcel delivery

Sending parcels internationally with GLS

Parcel delivery throughout the whole of Europe: Regular senders can send a parcel internationally as a EuroBusinessParcel. And for small and sensitive goods GLS offers the EuroBusinessSmallParcel. Small parcels are transported in special bags for maximum security. GLS delivers all parcels throughout Europe in a standard delivery of 24 to 96 hours.

EuroBusinessSmallParcel EuroBusinessParcel
GLS-Zustellfahrzeug liefert Express-Sendungen ins europäische Ausland.

European express delivery

Faster delivery of urgent parcels

Regular senders can send an urgent parcel internationally as a EuroExpressParcel. GLS delivers express consignments to many European countries even before close of business the next working day – with a money-back guarantee. Faster delivery or Saturday delivery is also possible in many areas. For this, GLS offers additional optional services.

Ein GLS-Zustellfahrzeug bei einer Tour am Atlantik.

Worldwide delivery

Short delivery times to the world’s main commercial centres

Regular senders can use the GlobalExpressParcel to send parcels to all four corners of the earth. GLS, for example, transports parcels and documents to the USA, Japan, Russia or India. Parcels sent internationally reach all the world's major commercial centres in just a few days. Deliveries cannot be made to countries where the political situation is highly unstable, however. Senders can also book a special service and have GLS prepare electronic customs declarations for them.

A GLS delivery driver on their route through the Austrian Alps.

Delivery to Austria

When sending parcels from Germany to Austria, GLS customers benefit from short standard transit times and reliable delivery. What’s more, contract customers enjoy a wide variety of services, such as the international ShopReturnService, which enables recipients to conveniently hand in returns at a GLS ParcelShop of their choice, at no charge to them.

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A GLS van on the Baltic Sea coast in Poland.

Delivery to Poland

GLS consignments arrive at their destination in Poland within a standard transit time of 48 hours. Contract customers and GLS-ONE users can also select the free FlexDeliveryService. If they do so, recipients receive advance email notification and a variety of alternative delivery options.

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In Venice, GLS Italy delivers parcels by boat.

Delivery to Italy

Whether bound for Milan or Naples, consignments from Germany reach their recipients in Italy within two to three days. Just like GLS Germany, GLS Italy attaches great importance to sustainable parcel delivery. Therefore, electric cargo bikes are used to deliver parcels in many cities.

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A GLS van delivering parcels in Paris.

Delivery to France

Reliable parcel delivery to France: with a standard transit time of two to three days, GLS customers benefit from a 24-hour connection between Germany and France. On the last mile, GLS France employs innovative delivery methods such as evening delivery by bicycle courier in Paris.

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A GLS van delivers a parcel in front of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.

Delivery to Spain

Conveniently send parcels to Spain with GLS: parcels from Germany are delivered to addresses on the Spanish mainland within a standard transit time of three days. Occasional senders can conveniently prepare their parcel for Spain online via GLS-ONE or hand it in directly at a ParcelShop.

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More information on sending parcels internationally with GLS

GLS delivers parcels internationally to all countries via its own subsidiaries and partners. The main national and European transshipment point is located in Neuenstein in Hesse. Regular services between many different countries are precisely co-ordinated via this Central European hub. There are also direct services to distribution centres in other countries.

During transportation, the consignment numbers of international parcels are scanned at all interfaces for pan-European transparency and security. This enables continuous consignment tracking, including in real-time in many countries. Senders and recipients can therefore track the delivery status of their parcels at all times - from posting to delivery at the destination.

If no recipient can accept the parcel on the first delivery attempt, GLS will attempt to deliver a second time. For private individuals GLS will take the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop if available in the country. The recipient can then collect it there.

Regular senders can also send parcels internationally by air via GLS. Parcels sent overseas as air cargo are handled by GLS’ own air cargo office. The GLS Airport Office at Frankfurt Airport deals with all tasks related to the import and export of international parcels. These include collecting import consignments, issuing air transport documents, and electronic customs declaration. GLS is also a registered IATA Air Cargo Agent and a regulated agent of the German air cargo authorities.