Parcels delivered by bike

GLS_Lastenfahrrad Konstanz
News 18/08/2016

In the centre of Constance, GLS is the first parcel service provider to deliver by bike, thus easing congestion and reducing CO2 emissions.

The company’s cargo bikes can transport up to 200 kilograms per route without any problems thanks to the assistance of an electric motor. As cars face restricted access in many city centres, delivery by bike offers numerous benefits.

Efficient and sustainable

The strongest argument in favour of delivery by bike is based on environmental protection. Here, delivery by bike cuts CO2 emissions. Every day, parcels can be delivered sustainably to up to 120 recipients in the centre of Constance.

Europe-wide environmental protection

Thanks to its internal ThinkGreen programme, GLS is also constantly committed to sustainable operations in other European countries. For example, the company has also successfully introduced delivery by bike in Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Austria.

ThinkGreen initiave