30 years of GLS Germany

News 23/05/2019

1989 marked the kickoff for a dynamic upward development - this year GLS Germany celebrates its 30th anniversary.

On 28 April 1989, the predecessor to GLS, “German Parcel”, began operating. The idea behind starting the company was to provide a comprehensive, high-quality parcel dispatch service throughout Germany.

Since then, the company has grown dynamically, whether in terms of the number of employees, the number of locations, the production capacities or the service portfolio, both nationally and in exports.

The number of GLS Germany depots alone has more than doubled from 30 to 66. The parcel volume of the first business year – two million within Germany – is today exceeded by the GLS Group in one day.

GLS expresses its utmost gratitude to all employees, customers, partners, delivery driver and parcel recipients for the 30 years of parcel service history!

History of GLS