100% climate-neutral delivery with GLS KlimaProtect


Since 1 October 2019, GLS has been delivering all parcels in Germany in a 100% climate-neutral way. Around 160,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year are offset annually by a certified project. GLS is also investing in additional measures.

Sustainable parcel logistics is part of GLS’ daily business – future-oriented and accompanied by various measures to protect the environment. Taking responsibility for climate protection is becoming increasingly important. GLS KlimaProtect is another demonstration of that commitment.

Reduce, avoid and offset emissions

GLS KlimaProtect is based on two pillars – on the one hand reduction and avoidance, on the other hand compensation of unavoidable emissions to achieve climate neutrality.

Emissions are also to be reduced and avoided. GLS is investing in a whole range of measures to this end. These include:

  • Use of 100% sustainable electricity
  • Increased use of e-vehicles
  • Expansion of the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles
  • Driving forward zero-emission delivery in city centres
  • Establishment of micro depots near cities

You can find more information about the measures here .

In addition, we offset the emissions caused by our business activities in Germany (e.g. emissions from business trips, the depots and administrative buildings through electricity, heating, etc.). Compensation through reforestation and forest protection takes effect in the short term and is demonstrably effective. GLS is working together with the non-profit association PRIMAKLIMA e.V. for this purpose and is compensating within the framework of a project certified to a very high standard (VCS/CCB Standard) in Indonesia.

Learn more about this topic here .

Long-term involvement

GLS is aware of its environmental responsibility and has been involved in climate protection for ten years. In this context, GLS has been delivering parcels in many German cities with electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-vans since 2016. In addition, there have been eco-friendly measures in new and renovated depots, such as electricity-saving LED lighting technology. Kilometres driven and capacities are also constantly being optimised by means of state-of-the-art IT.

Read more about our activities in our Sustainability Report.

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Hand in hand for climate protection

GLS customers demand sustainable parcel logistics and are ready to take responsibility for climate protection. On request, GLS customers receive a GLS KlimaProtect certificate each year as evidence of CO2-neutral delivery. In their own communication, they can use the GLS KlimaProtect emblem to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable parcel logistics. We would be happy to support you in using the KlimaProtect emblem in your communication. Please contact your contact person in the GLS depot.

Do you have questions about KlimaProtect? We will be happy to help you.

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Sustainable city logistics

GLS is working on ways to ease the strain on urban infrastructure and reduce emissions on the last mile. Electric vehicles play a large role in this. There are currently over 20 projects with more than 100 electric vehicles running throughout Germany.

The Düsseldorf model

One flagship project is the goal to provide zero-emission deliveries for all parcels to Düsseldorf city centre. GLS has set up a city depot at the Karstadt car park in addition to its nearby depot in Neuss.

The delivery drivers deliver parcels from the city depot during the day. Eight electric vans and two e-bikes are currently in operation in Düsseldorf. These enable zero-emission deliveries of around 1,500 parcels per day. This prevents about 40 tonnes of CO2 per year. In the future, GLS expects an increase to around 300 tonnes of CO2 savings in Düsseldorf.

GLS checks its own energy production for the sustainable power supply of eVehicles.

Commitment to the environment and climate protection