Frequently asked questions and answers

What is GLS SameDay? Which services are provided?

With GLS SameDay, recipients have their parcels delivered by GLS the same evening: to be precise, between 17.30 and 22.00.

How can I book GLS SameDay?

In online shops, which already provide GLS SameDay, this delivery option can be simply selected when ordering the goods.

In which regions is GLS SameDay available?

GLS already provides SameDay delivery in many German cities and urban centres. The map shows the current overview. More cities will be added in the future.

Overview delivery regions

Which specific advantages does GLS SameDay provide?

Delivery using GLS SameDay has many advantages: GLS SameDay is …

... extremely fast: delivery on the same day as the order!

... easy planning: fixed time frame on the evening of the order

… regionally available: can be booked in selected cities/urban centres

... efficient: fixed collection and delivery times guarantee that you receive your parcel the same evening. If no-one is at home, a second delivery attempt is made during the next working day (optionally on Saturdays).

When does my order have to be placed to make sure that the parcel can be delivered the same evening?

The latest order time varies depending on the online shop. The sender must ensure that the goods are available for collection by GLS at the agreed time. Delivery to the recipient will then take place between 17.30 and 22.00 the same evening.

When can I expect the delivery with GLS SameDay?

GLS requires the goods to be ready for collection at the sender at the agreed time. The parcel will then be delivered to the recipient between 17.30 and 22.00 on the same evening as the order. If the first delivery attempt is not successful, a second delivery attempt is made during the next working day (optionally on Saturdays).

Is it possible for the delivery time frame for GLS SameDay to vary?

Delivery for GLS SameDay is carried out on the day of the order in the evening within a fixed delivery time frame between 17.30 and 22.00.

What happens if a GLS SameDay parcel can’t be delivered?

If the recipient is not at home by the time of delivery, the delivery driver will try again on the next working day (not Saturdays). If the second delivery attempt is also not successful, the parcel is taken to a nearby GLS ParcelShop (does not apply for tyres). It remains there for eight working days after the day of the delivery attempt. The delivery driver always leaves a notification card for the recipient.

Can I track my GLS SameDay parcel’s delivery status?

Yes. Using the Track ID or parcel number on the notification card you can check the current status of your parcel at any time using the GLS shipment tracking service.

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Can GLS SameDay also be delivered to a GLS ParcelShop?

It is not possible to deliver to a ParcelShop as GLS SameDay parcels are delivered in the evening.