Drop off permission

A comfortable solution for recipients

If desired, GLS leaves parcels at an agreed location – for example, in a garage or on a patio.

This is especially useful for recipients who cannot be there to receive their parcel in person. It means they are entirely independent of the delivery time.

Issuing a drop off permission to GLS is easy. Simply download the PDF file, fill it out electronically and print it – don’t forget to sign it - and send it to your GLS depot. Alternatively, you can simply hand the drop off permission for the next delivery to the delivery driver. Once you issue a drop off permission to GLS, leaving the parcel at the defined location counts as successful parcel delivery.

Contactless delivery - receive your parcels safely

In the current coronavirus situation, personal contacts should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore please use the possibility of a contactless delivery in order to protect yourself and the delivery drivers from a possible infection. Find more information here:

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Revoking a drop off permission

You can revoke a drop off permission at any time. All you need to do is send an email or informal letter with your signature to your nearest GLS depot.

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A drop off permission is not possible if the sender has chosen one of the following services for your delivery:

  • IdentService
  • IdentPINService
  • ExchangeService, Pick&ReturnService, Pick&ShipService
  • CashService
  • PharmaService and PharmaService Plus

Please note: a drop off permission is generally not available for parcel delivery in Switzerland.