What my delivery status means

The delivery status tells you where your parcel currently is. So that you can receive it as soon as possible, here is the most important information at a glance.

Data transferred, parcel is not yet with GLS

The parcel is still with the sender – GLS has only received a shipping order and reserved the parcel number for it.

If you have any questions, please contact the sender. Our customer service can only help you further and inform you of the estimated delivery time once the parcel has been handed over to GLS.

Further address information is required

Address information is missing and the parcel could therefore not be delivered. There are several potential reasons for this:

  • The recipient address on the shipping label is incomplete
  • The shipping label has peeled off or is no longer legible
  • The delivery driver could not find the address (e.g. hidden entrance in rear courtyard)

If this is your delivery status, please contact our customer service .

Once the address has been clarified, the parcel will, of course, be delivered as soon as possible.

The parcel has been delivered to a GLS ParcelShop

If the recipient is not present and no neighbour accepts the parcel, GLS takes it to the nearest GLS ParcelShop, where it is available for collection for eight working days.

Find ParcelShop

To collect the parcel, you need a:

  • Notification card
  • Valid form of ID

If there is no notification card available, the parcel number and a valid form of ID are sufficient. Please note: The address shown on the ID and the delivery address must match.

If you are not able to collect your parcel yourself, someone else can do this for you. You simply have to authorise them: a form to do this can be found on the back of the notification card. Alternatively, the authorisation can be printed out or handwritten.

Important: The authorisation must include your signature and the name and address of the authorised person. Of course, this person must also have a valid form of ID.

Collect parcel from ParcelShop

The parcel is in storage

Storage of the parcel in the GLS depot can happen for various reasons, such as missing information, incomplete documentation or damage to the parcel.

To clarify this parcel status, please contact our customer service .

Either the parcel will then be redelivered or the recipient can collect it from the depot. If the parcel is damaged, GLS contacts the sender directly and clarifies the action to be taken.