Big and unwieldy parcels? Send bulky goods with GLS

GLS also handles bulky parcels and unusually shaped items. The maximum parcel dimensions and weights nevertheless still apply.

Additional effort for bulky goods delivery

GLS sorts and scans these parcels manually at its distribution centres and depots. They are not suitable for the automatic sorting systems that GLS uses to achieve quick and reliable parcel delivery. A parcel may be classified as ‘unsortable’ due to its dimensions, shape or outer packaging, in which case it will be sent as a bulky item.

What makes a parcel a bulky item or ‘unsortable’?

Some items can tilt on their way through an automatic sorting system due to their length or width, or they can roll away or their packaging can be insecure. These items need to be sorted manually. They include:

  • Tyres
  • Rolls, sacks and rolls of fabric
  • Canisters, plastic buckets and wooden crates
  • Parcels longer than 120 cm
  • Parcels with protruding parts of any kind

Examples for bulky goods delivery

Bulky goods delivery – how it works

GLS truck transporting bulky goods

GLS will also collect large or bulky parcels – either during the agreed collection times or upon notification via the dispatch system for business customers used.

The maximum permissible parcel sizes and weights apply to bulky goods too. A parcel’s girth , i.e. its circumference plus its longest side, can be up to three metres. The weight limit is 40 kilograms (for international express 50 kilograms).

If a parcel is unsortable, a surcharge is levied to cover the additional cost of sorting the bulky item manually.

General cargo (pallets) is transported for GLS customers by DB Schenker on the basis of a partnership. Collection can be arranged via the GLS dispatch systems for business customers.

For more information on sending bulky items, please contact your GLS account manager or your local GLS depot.

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Sending tyres with GLS

Tyres_conveyor belt_web

With GLS you can also send tyres, rims and complete wheels as bulky goods – reliably and in the accustomed short standard delivery times. Many customers already use these options.

Send tyres with GLS