Parcel shipping with GLS means sustainable shipping.

With our GLS Climate Protect strategy we avoid & reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in certified climate protection projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner .

Sustainable parcel shipping with GLS exhibits a balanced carbon footprint in Germany and abroad and is climate neutral through compensation of all upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions not yet avoided via climate protection projects.

These projects ensure climate compensation

Our current climate protection projects in cooperation with ClimatePartner

Climate neutral in the context of a balanced carbon footprint are companies, processes and products whose upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated according to recognized standards and norms and have been completely avoided through reduction measures or compensated for through additional climate protection projects elsewhere. Climate compensation is an important component of holistic climate protection next to the avoidance and reduction of negative environmental impacts.

The upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions generated by the parcel transport and business operations of GLS Germany are compensated through certified climate protection projects in cooperation with our compensation partner ClimatePartner. In doing so, we compensate all greenhouse gas emissions "well-to-wheel" - from generation to consumption - for transport and service vehicles, flights, heating and water, paper and waste, at all of our locations.

We currently support forest conservation projects ( and ) and projects to promote the expansion of renewable solar and wind energy ( and ) in accordance with industry standards (VCS/CCB/GS VER standard).

Climate protection projects require four criteria: Additionality, no double counting, permanent savings and regular independent verification.

The criteria of additionality is not met for many projects in the EU because various funding programmes already cover the economic aspects of e.g. the expansion of renewable energies.

Double counting can only be avoided if it is ensured that the savings of greenhouse gas emissions achieved by a project are not already counted elsewhere. Savings achieved in the EU are usually directly accounted towards a country's national greenhouse gas balance and thus only contribute to achieving the climate targets of the respective country and the EU.

Hand in hand for sustainable shipping

GLS customers demand sustainable parcel logistics and are ready to take responsibility for climate protection.

GLS Germany Klima Protect emblem

Your Klima Protect emblem

With the Klima Protect emblem you can show that you as a GLS business customer value sustainable parcel shipping. You may use the emblem for your own communication.

Click the button to get to the download section.

GLS Germany Klima Protect certificate

Your Klima Protect certificate

As a business customer, you can receive an annual Klima Protect certificate as proof of sustainable shipping. This way you can visibly prove your commitment to sustainable parcel shipping.

Simply download your certificate from our customer portal YourGLS. The manual shows you how it works.

Our investments in sustainability

Little Asian-looking boy holding a bulb Little Asian-looking boy holding a bulb

Klima Protect: Sustainable shipping based on two pillars

Our GLS Klima Protect strategy and our sustainable parcel shipping are based on avoiding & reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting & compensating for remaining impacts.

We invest in sustainability

We focus on a wide range of investments in all areas of our business, including energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and the avoidance & compensation of negative environmental impacts. We are convinced that sustainable economic success can and must only be achieved in harmony with protecting the environment for future generations and respecting human rights.

Depots and infrastructure

We explicitly consider ecological and social aspects in all new buildings, replacements and extensions. For environmentally friendly equipment, we invest on a broad scale in modern, environmentally friendly techniques. The use of rainwater, photovoltaics, recyclable building materials, heat pumps as well as efficient lighting technology and thermally insulated buildings play an important role. In all GLS Germany locations we use 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources.

Transitioning the vehicle fleet towards eMobility

We aim to gradually switch the entire fleet to zero-emission and low-emission vehicles – our transport partners’ fleet as well as our own company car fleet.

Moreover, we establish the necessary charging infrastructure in our depots for the continuous electric vehicles transition.

Local micro depots

In order to optimize transport processes in city logistics and to promote emission-free delivery in city centers, we are setting up micro depots. From here, emission-free e-vehicles go on delivery tours. This saves transport routes, reduces noise and thus protects people and the environment.

Minimizing transport routes

To improve operating processes and transport routes, we count on state-of-the-art, IT-assisted planning instruments. This is how we manage to systematically minimize our transport routes and thus to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable city logistics

Through innovative and smart solutions and the use of e-vehicles, we are actively relieving the stress on urban infrastructures and at the same time are reducing emissions throughout the last mile. In this regard we play a special pioneering role and are permanently increasing the number of our e-vehicles.

GLS delivers emission-free in Leipzig

Emission-free delivery in Leipzig

We now use two thirds e-vehicles for deliveries to the Leipzig city area.

emission-free delivery in Konstanz

Efficient cooperation in Constanze

In Constance city centre, we cooperate with SÜDKURIER CityLogistik, deiivering parcels by eBike via this partnership.

Sustainbale logistics in Ludwigsburg

Sustainable logistics in Ludwigsburg

In Ludwigsburg, we are participating in a municipal pilot project to promote sustainable mobility for parcel delivery.

Dr. Karl Pfaff, Chairman of the Management Board GLS Germany

Sustainability is the foundation of GLS. And sustainability includes, above all, climate protection. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and we will further strengthen our ambitions.

Dr. Karl Pfaff, Chief Executive Officer GLS Group (CEO)

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Our certifications

Transparent all round: we meet international standards and disclose environmental data. With the certifications of our environmental and quality management, our voluntary commitment in EcoVadis and the GPD certification, we demonstrate: We always want to get better.

Social responsibility

For us, sustainability also means assuming social responsibility. Here you can find out how we work for people and society.