What GLS stands for

Your parcel arrives on time

Top quality in dispatch means that the customer can rely on his service provider. Reliability is therefore one of the most important values for GLS and employees support this actively each and every day.

The entire GLS system is geared towards reliable dispatch, including the site and network structures, the information technology, and the process monitoring and control.

The quality of the service is standardised and safeguarded throughout Europe, for example, using a certified quality management system and a comprehensive key figures system.

The result: Across Europe, GLS delivers over 90 percent of all parcels within the defined standard delivery times.

How GLS ensures reliability:

  • dense and comprehensive European network
  • consistently high quality throughout Europe
  • quality management to the ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • ongoing checks
  • centrally managed on-site auditing
  • cross-border process optimisation