GLS Partner Programme

GLS is committed to sustainable, long-term collaboration and high-quality transport services. It is continuously developing its technologies and optimising its processes and network – not least to facilitate day-to-day work.

GLS is there for transport companies as part of a trusting contractual partnership. They manage their own companies – with all the advantages that this brings, but also with all the necessary responsibility. Together the partners focus on progress and the future.

Process and network optimisation

Planning, coordination and harmonisation of all processes, on the move, on site or in the IT – this is what defines the complex system performance in parcel logistics. GLS is improving this system continuously, including with respect to the daily cooperation with transport partners.

Recently completed projects include the introduction of new handheld scanners and the electronic stop-code list for daily tour planning, both of which facilitate the day-to-day work of transport partners and their delivery drivers. This is also true of the FlexDeliveryService, which reduces the number of unsuccessful delivery attempts as recipients can specify the right delivery option for them (e.g. fixed date, new address) before and while a parcel is being delivered.

The depot network in Czech Republic and the delivery areas of GLS are regularly examined and optimised where necessary. GLS is also continuously improving parcel processing procedures in the depots for the highest effectivity possible.

Continuous exchange

At each GLS site in Czech Republic, dialogues take place between transport partners and the depot management continuously during the year. During these dialogues, the two parties discuss ways of improving their cooperation. The aim is to:

  • Optimise workflows;
  • Identify any problems transport partners and delivery drivers may have as early as possible and to look for possible solutions;
  • Gather suggestions for improvement;
  • Obtain feedback and evaluate what has been achieved together.

Shared values

In collaboration with the transport partners, GLS Czech Republic has defined the principles of cooperation and laid them down in a Partner Code. Conduct in accordance with the applicable rules and laws is set forth therein, as is the rejection of discrimination, bribery and corruption.

The Partner Code is an integral part of the contracts between GLS and transport partners. It includes a commitment to quality as regards performance, and to the principles when dealing with each other, based on:

  • Partnership
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
Download GLS Partner Code (Czech)

Performance check

GLS regularly checks compliance with the Partner Code of Conduct and invites all contractors, subcontractors and their employees to report violations of the Code of Conduct without any delay. GLS appointed a neutral ombudsman, to whom everyone may anonymously report a violation or a suspicion of any act contrary to this Code or the Conduct.