Via SMS message or e-mail, GLS informs the recipient in advance of the 2-hour window when their parcel will be delivered. This also enables the recipient to simply affect the process of parcel delivery based on personal needs.

Advantages of this service

B2C optimized parcels
Higher customer satisfaction
Less stress for the customer service
Available always in national language
Information on delivery via e-mail or SMS
Notification of time delivery window
Recipients can easily adjust their delivery
Three delivery attempts for free

Delivery information process

Thanks to the FlexDeliveryService, the recipient is informed about the planned delivery of the parcel in advance by SMS and e-mail, including notification of the two-hour delivery window.

The recipient receives a message that the parcel is ready by sender to be sent and will be delivered on the next business day. The message contains a link to the GLS Delivery manager web page for tracking of parcel status and adaptation of delivery parameters.

On the day of delivery, the recipient gets a message informing him of the two hours period for which the delivery is scheduled.

In case of unsuccessful delivery the recipient receives a message with reasons of missed delivery including a web link to Delivery manager with option of further delivery possibilities.

Optional delivery possibilities

Thanks to the optional parcel redirection options offered by FlexDeliveryService, the number of complaints and grievances towards senders is decreasing, while the satisfaction of end customers is increasing. The recipient can use the online Delivery manager application to choose between the following five delivery options:

Delivery on chosen day
Delivery at a new address
Delivery to GLS pick-up point
Approval for deposit at an agreed site
Refusal of parcel
GLS customer holds a phone at a GLS ParcelShop

Three delivery attempts

GLS performs two delivery attempts as a standard. With FlexDeliveryService, GLS performs also a third delivery attempt if necessary. In such case GLS sends a message on expected delivery to the recipient through e-mail or SMS message again. Thus the parcel reception is flexible and sending of goods at private addresses less complicated.

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Availability of FlexDeliveryService

1. National deliveries within the Czech Republic

2. International parcels can be sent from the Czech Republic to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

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