Prices and surcharges

Senders have various needs and requirements for deliveries to their customers. GLS respects this diversity and presents a service portfolio to match it. Senders with a regular volume of daily parcels can get a customized GLS price offer, tailored to the individual parameters of their project.

The transport price can be defined based on various criteria, the most important of which are:

Average amount of sent parcels
Average parcel weight
Parcel's final destination
Pick-up times

Fuel surcharge and truck toll

The price of transported parcels is also affected by factors which GLS cannot influence and which are subject to frequent changes. For reasons of transparency in pricing, a fuel surcharge and truck toll is therefore added to the price of parcel transport.

Fuel surcharge - January 2022: 10,00 %

Constantly fluctuating oil prices have a significant impact on overall transport costs. GLS charges a fuel surcharge transparently, in the form of a surcharge to the base price and states it on invoices separately. GLS uses official weekly data published by the Czech Statistical Office (CSO) to calculate the fuel surcharge. Based on that data, GLS announces the amount of fuel surcharge for the following period at the beginning of each month.

This surcharge is already included in the prices of transport via the online e-Balík portal.

Current surcharge per parcel for: January 2022
  • Domestic parcels: 10,00 % of the base price
  • International parcels: 10,00 % of the base price

Average diesel price (CZK)Fuel surcharge
Up to 15.990,00 %
16.00 - 16.990,50 %
17.00 - 17.991,00 %
18.00 - 18.991,50 %
19.00 - 19.992,00 %
20.00 - 20.992,50 %
21.00 - 21.993,00 %
22.00 - 22.993,50 %
23.00 - 23.994,00 %
24.00 - 24.994,50 %
25.00 - 25.995,00 %
26.00 - 26.995,50 %
27.00 - 27.996,00 %
28.00 - 28.996,50 %
29.00 - 29.997,00 %
30.00 - 30.997,50 %
31.00 - 31.998,00 %
32.00- 32.998,50 %
33.00 - 33.999,00 %
34.00 - 34.999,50 %
35.00 - 35.9910,00 %
36.00 - 36.9910,50 %
37.00 - 37.9911,00 %
38.00 - 38.9911,50 %
Truck toll

The Czech Republic and other European countries have a toll system for trucks, based on mileage on highways and selected roads. The toll thus applies to all long range trucks used to transport parcels between GLS depots. Although GLS is increasingly using environmentally friendly vehicles, toll payment costs are constantly increasing.

GLS Czech Republic charges tolls to customers according to the weight of the parcels transported.

  • As of 1 April 2020, the toll surcharge is set at CZK 0.78/kg for all domestic shipments and EUR 0.03/kg for invoicing in EUR.
  • The toll surcharge is set at CZK 1.47/kg for all international shipments as of April 1, 2020, for EUR 0.06/kg for invoicing in EUR.

Prices for shipping via the online shipping tool e-Balík already include this surcharge. More information about freight tolls in the Czech Republic: Ministry of Transport

GLS delivery van out for delivery in Berlin

Parcel delivery

GLS offers sophisticated transport products for reliable and fast delivery of parcels anywhere in the country, as well as throughout Europe.

GLS courier carrying a parcel in front of his delivery van

Complementary services

GLS offers senders with a large scale of complementary transport services in order to fully adapt the parcel delivery process.