Warning about phishing e-mails and fake Facebook messages

GLS CZ s.r.o. warns about fraudulent e-mails and Facebook messages that appear to be official communications from GLS, but with the aim of obtaining personal information or financial gain. The message may be delivered from various e-mail addresses imitating the GLS address, but it never comes from the domain gls.cz or gls.com. The domain is one of the important distinguishing features that indicate fraud, as well as atypical phrases or grammatical mistakes. Fraudulent activity can also be started with a Facebook message, the aim of which is to find out the delivery or e-mail address. Recipients of e-mails are invited to click on the link or pay the amount under various pretexts (shipping tax, repeated delivery, etc.).

Under no circumstances does GLS request any additional payments from its clients or contact them via Facebook messages or unofficial e-mail addresses. GLS communication is sent from official domains and each message contains the unique shipment number to which it relates as an identifier. The existence of the currently transported consignment can also be verified on the GLS website in the destination area for its online tracking.

Parcel tracking

Please do not reply to messages of a similar type, do not click on the links provided here, do not provide any personal data and delete messages immediately.
Example from 18. 8. 2021 (in Czech)

Předmět: Neúspěšná dodávka

Vážený zákazníku,

Tímto bychom vás chtěli informovat, že váš balík nemohl být dnes doručen. Důvodem neúspěšného pokusu o doručení je Adresát nezastižení,

O další pokus o doručení můžete požádat na následující adrese URL:

GLS Track&Trace

Pokud nám nedáte pokyn, pokusíme se znovu doručit odesílateli.

Na tento automatický e-mail neodpovídejte.

S Pozdravem,

GLS Ceská Republika

Example from 10. 2. 2021

Fraudulent activity is initiated by the delivery of a Facebook message in order to find out the delivery and e-mail address. A fraudulent message is then sent to the e-mail address from serviceglsexpress999@gmail.com, in which € 50 is claimed on behalf of GLS as a transport tax.