Delivery to GLS Parcel Shop

Our flexible model of parcel delivery includes a collection and shipping site network in the whole Czech Republic called GLS Parcel Shop.

GLS Parcel Shops provide comfortable and fast alternative for parcel collection anytime within their long opening hours. The main advantage of GLS Parcel Shops is that they are situated in retail shops of our contractual partners, providing the option of flexible collection of delivered parcels without any need to be bound to the fixed time of a traditional delivery at an address.

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Advantages of delivery to GLS Parcel Shop

Over 1000 Parcel Shops
There are over 1000 Parcel Shops in the Czech Republic for all your parcel needs.
No waiting in line
Parcels can be picked up without waiting in line.
Without waiting for driver
You don't have to wait for driver to show up. Just pick up the parcel according to your schedule.
Cash on delivery payment
Cash on delivery can be payed in the ParcelShop in cash and by card.

How does it work?

The recipient chooses delivery to any GLS Parcel Shop when ordering goods from an e-shop.

This method of delivery is possible if the ShopDeliveryService service is integrated in the e-shop.

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The recipient of the parcel chooses delivery to any Parcel Shop during the parcel delivery process using our online parcel redirection.

Before delivery, the recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to the online Delivery Manager application, where the GLS courier can be instructed to deliver the parcel to the Parcel Shop selected by the recipient. The recipient is informed of the successful redirection.

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At the moment of delivery to a collection site, the recipient receives an SMS message with the PIN code for the parcel collection. If the parcel is Cash on delivery, the message will also include the amount due.

The parcel can be collected in a Parcel Shop within five business days, anytime within its opening hours. If the recipient is not able to pick up the parcel within five working days, he can request an extension of the storage period for another three working days on the telephone number 567 771 111 .

The cash-on-delivery amount can be paid only in cash. GLS sends a confirmation of cash-on-delivery payment by email.

In the event that the end of the storage period is approaching and the parcel has still not been picked up, GLS sends a reminder SMS message with information about the expiration of the period, after which the parcel will be returned to the sender.

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